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Cristina Sanders – Editor – Packaging & Advanced Materials

Cristina is one of the founders of World Industry Research. She is a MBA in Business Operations with an on field experience of six years a General Manager and Vice President of Obyur & Co. Cristina has many research papers and reports under her belt and is currently working at editor of this publication. She specializes in packaging and advanced materials.

You can reach her at cristina@worldindustryresearch.com

William Cohen – Editor – Chemicals

William holds a Masters of Science degree in Chemistry. After a brief stint as a researchers for a major pharmaceutical company, William decided to dive into market research and start reporting on latest developments in market research industry in the chemicals niche. William works as editor – chemicals at World Industry Research and is also conducts external market research work as required by our business clients.

You can reach him at william@worldindustryresearch.com

James Matthews – Editor – Healthcare

James holds a degree in healthcare from Ohio State University. He has 8 years of experience while working in different roles in the healthcare industry. James also is a journalism graduate and owing to his love for writing, he decided to pursue a career in online journalism covering the healthcare field. James also covers latest news in health industry, pharmaceuticals, medicines and advanced drugs research.

You can reach him at james@worldindustryresearch.com

Trisha Cottrell – Contributor – Industries

Trisha is a seasoned contributor with over 10 years of experience in blogging, online news reporting and investigative reporting. She manages a group of 4 contributors and authors and helps the editorial team with their editorial cycle. You an throw any topic at Trisha, and she wouldn’t say no. Though of French origin, Trisha has excellent command over English like a native English speaker.

You can reach her at trisha@worldindustryresearch.com

Lindsay King – Contributor – Technology

Lindsay is a computer graduate with 7 years of experience as a technology research analyst in two market research companies. Lindsay covers all major technological developments around the world – at consumer and corporate levels.

You can reach her at lindsay@worldindustryresearch.com