king of casino player Edward Oakley

king of casino player Edward Oakley

Edward Oakley Thorp (Edward Oakley Thorp)

Net worth: $800 million Game stocks: Blackjack, Bacara

As a professor of mathematics with a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics, Thorp had an above-average intelligence.

Edward Thorpe, known as the “father of the century of cards,” invented the original system and later used it in real life.

He is the author of the book “Victory Strategy for Twenty-one Games to Win a Dealer”.

The book detailed his number of cards and his revolutionary point system, which is being used successfully by card players around the world.

He was the first player to use computer simulations to develop a blackjack strategy,

Later, he invented a card calculation method that helped greatly increase the odds of players.Thorp

I studied blackjack in a systematic way and thoroughly examined all parts of blackjack.

He became attractive to casino bosses as he began to win huge sums of cash in his pockets.

Eventually, Thorp applied his intelligence to the stock market and made big bucks from securities and hedge funds.

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